Thursday, 15 June 2017

MET Recruitment

As a result of my extensive & varied experience in over 20 years of Sales & Marketing I am delighted to be asked to be a Specialist Recruiter for MET Recruitment London Ltd. This is in the "Sales & Marketing" sector

My varied career includes:-

  • Over 4 years as an Independent Sales Executive for one of the largest companies in the world, Getty Images
  • Running my own Print Management company, Spencer Print
  • UK Marketing & Sales Director for Exclusive Media - Selling video advertising on large TV screens at various sporting events.
  • Marketing & selling the only CPD certified & Barclays Bank approved on line Telemarketing course in the UK
As such, I have a good understanding of Sales & Marketing, & thus have a good idea of what companies are looking for from candidates in this sector.

MET Recruitment London are specialists in providing Temporary, Contract and Permanent Recruitment Opportunities to Candidates in partnership with Businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the UK.

We offer a bespoke service to our candidates across a wide range of sectors. 

MET offers a way to completely optimize your entire recruiting process. Finding you better candidates to fulfill your Temporary and Permanent Requirements by way of an ongoing partnership.

Fixed Rate

Unlike a lot of Recruitment Agencies we do not charge more for larger salary placements. We feel this is unfair, as research & work undertaken does not cost more just because the salary is bigger.

Call me on 01432 870528 or email me at to discuss your Sales & Marketing recruitment requirements.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Online Telemarketing Course for IT Companies

Does your company use the phone to make appointments & promote your company? If so, you obviously realize the benefits it can bring.

Are you looking to convert more telephone conversations into appointments?

We can help you achieve this with the only CPD (Continued Professional Development) & Barclays Bank approved online Telemarketing Training Course in the UK.

We have several IT companies as clients & we've put all the scripts we use into this course. These scripts will help you make more qualified appointments with fewer calls.

It will also boost your sales, improve your cold calling skills & help you get past Gatekeepers.

What if you don't do cold calling?

That's OK, the course will also show you how to use email, networking, & social media to connect with the prospect first, so it isn't a cold call

14 day Money Back Guarantee

The course is based on Accredited Marketing's MD Charlotte Greenman's 23+ years of hindsight and experience in the IT and Technical sector.

As such, we are so confident of the benefits the course will offer a money back guarantee after 14 days, if you are not satisfied with the first part of the course.

For details of the course, please go to

Monday, 13 January 2014

Thinkstock RF Images Directly within Adobe Software

You are now able to access Thinkstock Royalty Free stock imagery directly within Adobe Photoshop, inDesign, & Illustrator (CC6 & above.)

Does your company purchase Creative Royalty Free and/or Editorial stock imagery?

If so, ask yourself these simple questions:-

1. Are you frustrated by spending too much time searching for the right image?
2. Would you like access to a unique blend of high quality images, at a very cost effective & competitive price?
3. Would you like to fix your image cost yet have access to all file sizes (up to 50mb) and file types (jpg & EPS Vector) with no hidden extra costs?
4. Would you like the freedom to choose from over 9 million images & vectors from iStock, 5.5 million images from Getty Images PLUS 500,000 Editorial Images from Getty Images?
5. Would you like to control how you pay; monthly, quarterly or even bi-annually. All interest free?

If the answer is “yes” to any of the above questions, then Thinkstock by Getty Images is definitely the answer for your Royalty Free image requirements.

Book a 5 to 10 minute on line demo of Thinkstock to see for yourself

Call 01432 870528 or email

Video Detailing the following info about Thinkstock: -

High-quality content from Getty Images and iStock - Create powerful designs with fresh, bold photos, illustrations and vectors. 
More freedom and time to design - Expand creativity with simple licensing and easy access.
Simple pricing and plans - Multiple subscription options to meet growing imagery needs.

Sunday, 11 November 2012


Spencer Print is now an Independent Sales Agent for Getty Images, dealing with their Stock Photography brand "Thinkstock".

Thinkstock offers millions of premium art-directed and user-generated royalty-free photos, vectors and illustrations selected from Getty Images, iStockphoto, Jupiterimages and our worldwide image partners. 

Thinkstock are the only stock subscription designed with one goal in mind -- to give you the freedom to focus on being creative. Find out how we do it.

Why choose Thinkstock?

What makes Thinkstock unique
Thinkstock is the only subscription that combines millions of photos, vector art and illustrations selected from Getty Images, iStockphoto, Jupiterimages and worldwide image partners.

Access to premium image collections

Thinkstock is the only subscription that offers images from over 40 unique collections, some of which are the most recognisable and highest quality brands in the world.
Monthly payments
Thinkstock offers one of the only subscriptions that can be paid in 12 monthly instalments. For less than the price of a few images per month, use as many images as you need to create your best work.

Legal protection

Because we review and edit every image, we are able to offer industry-leading legal protection--anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000--for every Thinkstock image you use in a project. For an overview of licence options and acceptable uses for images

Ideal Solution

Thinkstock is the ideal solution to meet your stock photography requirements, whether it be Image Packs, or Subscription Plans, no matter what type of license you require.

More information here

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Smash Solution

Introducing Smash Solution

Smash Solution is set to become one of the most powerful marketing suites on the market With over 20 different marketing tools this innovative newcomer to marketing will;-

  1. Maximise your on line presence
  2. Increase the effectiveness  of your marketing results
  3. Decrease your time spent on marketing
  4. Decrease money you spend on marketing
It's also a great tool to give to existing & potential clients, who can advertise on the Smash Solution, which is set to be huge. In addition, earn money through an affiliate program as businesses pay for upgrades, training, & clicking on adverts..

Tools Included

  •     Video Email Campaign Manager
  •     Contact Manager
  •     Integrated Calendar
  •     SEO & Google Analytics
  •     Automated Personal Virtual Assistant
  •     On line Automated Training
  •     Campaign Manager
  •     Social Media Buzz Wall & Post Hub
  •     Automated Social Media Posting
  •     Ad Specials Hotlink
  •     Pay Per Click Marketing
  •     Task Manager
  •     Instant Mesenging
  •     Media Library
  •     Video Conference Room
  •     Portable Smash Bar (can be inserted on al your blogs & web sites)
    Plus many more tools, all in one place



Friday, 16 March 2012


Klick2Contact - Improving On Line Customer Services & Sales

Klick2Contact are able to offer your company a call back service that will greatly enrich the on line shopping experience of your potential customers, & increase the chances of them purchasing your products on line.

This is done by connecting potential customers to your customer service advisors at key points during the browsing experience. It is completely FREE to implement, only costs you when you are connected to a customer and can be fully deployed within a week.

To see a visual demonstration of their services visit: & click on ‘How it Works’ on the homepage.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Google+ For Business Guide

Spencer Print on Google+
On November 15th, Google+ finally rolled out business pages. Now the platform not only enables companies to create pages, but also encourages businesses to grow their following. “I expect brands will notice this and will build marketing plans around it,” said Bradley Horowitz, Vice President for products at Google+ in an article for reinforces the potential of the social network for marketing purposes.

On the day Google announced the release of Google+ business pages, hundreds of media outlets covered the story and drew attention to its importance. While many reporters and bloggers viewed it as a great improvement to Google+’s feature set, some decided to take a more controversial angle, viewing the story through the lens of a facebook rivalry.

  1. 1. Visit to create a Google+ Page.
  2. 2. Follow the wizard (it's much like Facebook's Page Creaztion wizard)
Google+ accoutn page
3. Choose the most appropriate option to classify your business. You'll be able to select from the following options:-
  1. * Local Business or Place
  2. * Product or Brand
  3. * Company, Institute, or Organization
  4. * Arts, Entertainment, or Sports
  5. * Other
4. Customise your public profile. The profile basic basics include your tag line (think of it your business' elveator pitch) and an image (your company logo is a great option). Keep your tag line brief but descriptive.

 To place this "Add me on Google+" widget on your blog or web site simply add this script to your blog or web site. <script type="text/javascript">mbgc='f5f5f5';ww='320';mbc='cecece';bbc='3F79D5';bmobc='3b71c6';bbgc='4889F0';bmoc='3F79D5';bfc='FFFFFF';bmofc='ffffff';tlc='cecece';tc='6a6a6a';nc='6a6a6a';bc='6a6a6a';l='y';t='Add_me_on_Google+';fs='16';fsb='13';bw='100';ff='4';lu='6a6a6a';pc='4889F0';wh='340';b='s'; pid='109337308226786599928';</script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

To insert a Google+ Feed widget insert the following code:- <iframe frameborder="0" border="0" cellspacing="0" src="" width="300" height="500"></iframe>

  Be sure to insert your own Google+ ID number in the appropriate place. Accessing your Google Plus user ID is simple: Google profile tab

Accessing your Google Plus user ID is simple:

1. If you look at the URL in the address bar, it should look something like this:

2. The long numerical string in the URL is your Google+ ID. Here is mine from the URLabove:

Hope this information was useful. If so, please feel free to follow Spencer Print on Google+