Monday, 10 October 2011

2012 - A Window to A New Beginning

There are so many negative posts & articles on the Internet about 2012, such as Comet Elenin, Pole Shift, Niburu, Anthrax Threat, Swine Flu , Project HAARP, Corona Mass Ejections etc. What if 2012 was a window on a new age in consciousness?

Genuine Mayans believe in the change in consciousness that is coming. I went to the Yucatan Peninsula last year & visited many Mayan ruins. I was honored & fortunate enough to have my own personal native Mayan guide at Ek Balam. He spoke & could read Mayan. He told me that he, & many other Mayan were really annoyed at the way that Hollywood was portraying the Mayan Calendar & 2012. He told me that 2012 was a window to a new level of consciousness.

This is the same thing that Mayan expert, the late Ian Lungold, was saying years ago, before 2012 became such a major topic. He explained that the Mayan step pyramid explained the evolving states of consciousness through the ages. Each step was shorter, reflecting the increasing speed at each step of change. It's all part of the plan of the consciousness/divine.

Time to Make a Difference!

The evil elite in this world are spreading these fears, trying to keep us locked & trapped in this awful & evil reality. Now, all over the world, people are asking questions, & waking up to who they truly are.

It is worth noting that Religion has played a key roll in this control & fear.Christianity has hijacked the true Jesus. According to the Gnostic Apostle St. Thomas, the Divine/God is within all of us. We do not need Bishops or organized religion to mediate with God. It is no wonder that the Council of Nicaea decided to keep this book out of the New Bible. I wonder how many souls would have been saved if this book had been part of the New Bible? What a better world we might now be living in We are all part of the same consciousness, and if we harm another person, are we not harming each other?

Mankind is capable of such beauty & love, yet also of such atrocity. As Buchenwald Concentration Camp survivor Elie Wiesel so eloquently put it "Even in the depths of despair & atrocity there was still humanity"

I hope that we are returning to the Golden Era to which we once belonged in, a state we are meant to be in. It's time to end the endless cycle of wars, & hating people because they have different views, or colour of skin. We should be celebrating our differences, not using them as an excuse to hate.

These differences are contributing to the experience of the whole. I can feel in my heart that this change will happen, & nothing the elite can throw at us will stop this change.

Even findings in Science are confirming this change in consciousness, are true spiritual selves. Quantum Physics says that everything is connected.

Sometimes I feel so frustrated & sad at the vast population's indifference to all the evil that is happening. The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference.”

Its' time for us all to say "enough is enough, no more wars & killing, & controlling what people can say & think.

The Banks caused this economic crisis. This has resulted in people losing their jobs, & in many cases, having their houses re-possessed. To add insult to injury, the banks are re-possessing the houses. BP and other oil companies continue to poison our oceans, & in all probability suppress Free Energy or more affordable & cleaner alternatives.

It's all about control & enslaving us, & creaming off everything for the elite few.


I've just joined a global movement catching fire across the globe -- demanding a government that serves the needs of the 99% of us, not the whims of the wealthiest 1%. We can bring the world together in one giant, deafening call for real democracyh9% by clicking this link.

Together we can make a difference!

Media Starting To Take Notice

As this CNN Report says, the Media treated the Wall Street Protests as a joke, but are now having to take the protests seriously. The protests are spreading across many cities in the USA. At last Americans are waking up getting up off their backsides & saying no more!. For too long they have seen their democracy eroded with draconian legislation like the Patriot Bill.

The Arab world has shaken itself from it's shackles, will the American people do the same? As the video asks below, Is this the American Spring? I hope so, if it is, there is hope for us all. It's time to take back our planet & democracy.

Is This The American Spring?