Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Online Telemarketing Course for IT Companies

Does your company use the phone to make appointments & promote your company? If so, you obviously realize the benefits it can bring.

Are you looking to convert more telephone conversations into appointments?

We can help you achieve this with the only CPD (Continued Professional Development) & Barclays Bank approved online Telemarketing Training Course in the UK.

We have several IT companies as clients & we've put all the scripts we use into this course. These scripts will help you make more qualified appointments with fewer calls.

It will also boost your sales, improve your cold calling skills & help you get past Gatekeepers.

What if you don't do cold calling?

That's OK, the course will also show you how to use email, networking, & social media to connect with the prospect first, so it isn't a cold call

14 day Money Back Guarantee

The course is based on Accredited Marketing's MD Charlotte Greenman's 23+ years of hindsight and experience in the IT and Technical sector.

As such, we are so confident of the benefits the course will offer a money back guarantee after 14 days, if you are not satisfied with the first part of the course.

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