Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Award-winning Paper from Straw Technology

Award-winning Paper from Straw Technology

The BioRegional Development Group reports that a ‘new paper from straw ’technology won the Invention of the Year at the Observer Ethical AwardsCeremony this summer.

Eco entrepreneurs BioRegional MiniMill uses straw to make paper, which helps relieve pressure on world forests and also provides a revolutionary treatment to efficiently turn its waste into energy and chemicals for re-use in paper making.

Practical Application
The MiniMill particularly impressed the judges with the series of innovations that have been developed over the last ten years, leading to the construction of the working model. The panel, which comprised of celebrities and experts insustainability, recognised the revolutionary implications for paper making that the

MiniMill offers.
BioRegional MiniMills (UK) Ltd has also recently secured private funding and aDTI grant to complete the industrial scale demonstration mill. An open day will be held in early 2008, when it will be possible to see the technology in action.

Local & International Benefit
The technology can easily be installed as a ‘bolt-on’ facility at an existing paper mill, or as a complete small-scale mill near to the source of the material. This means that surplus straw around the world can be used to make quality printingand writing paper, reducing transport emissions and easing pressure on the world’s forests. The technology has been developed with an international market in mind, but is equally applicable in the UK, where four million tonnes of waste straw are produced annually. By encouraging local production, the MiniMill technology supports the development of local jobs and industries and helps to reduce carbon related transport emissions. A study by Surrey University shows that local pulp supply reduces transport emissions by up to 90% when compared to imported pulp.

Sue Riddlestone, Managing Director, said: “we are delighted that the MiniMill has been recognised by the Observer Ethical Awards. Wheat straw has been used to make paper in the UK within living memory. The clean technology provided by the MiniMill allows this excellent paper making material to be used again, without harming the environment”.

Links & Follow-up
For more information, please email BioRegional MiniMills Managing Director,

Sue Riddlestone, or telephone
+44(0)20 8404 4885.

Full credit for this article goes to Jennie Organ. The article appeared on an
excellent green directory, Grown Up Green.

The site is http://www.grownupgreen.org.uk

At my previous printer I received regular updates from the MiniMill as I was on
their subscribe list. I will try andkeep you posted as things develop.

If you want to see for yourself, the site is http://www.bioregional.com

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