Friday, 9 May 2008

Personalised Web to Print

I have formed a close association with a printer colleague of mind to provide a service that could save on company's printing bills, and benefit the Environment. Now a company can edit their own stationery on line and have it delivered within 24 hours. With the option of "Personalised Print" huge savings can be made on paper. A good example is a potential college graduate applying for a college prospectus. Normally the college would send out a huge brochure as it contains ALL THE COURSES!

By applying on line, the candidate could choose only the courses he was interted in, and thus receive a much smaller prospectus. In some cases taking the number of pages from 300 to 40.

The system also can have an impact on global companys carbon footprints. Through it's global network of printers, a company can use one of the designated local printers in the country where the staionery is required. This will aslo save on shipping costs. You can also have PDF versions of your documents, thus doing away the need for any printing! Think of the number of trees this could save! If you require a newsletter about the service, call me on 01432 870528.

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