Saturday, 6 September 2008

Spencer Commerce On Line Store

Spencer Print has now signed up with Ei42 to have it's own on line store. Now I can purchase a wide range of goods on my own on line store, & better still, earn commission on my purchases.

With a wide range of retailers, special offers, & category of goods available, Ei42 has put together an excellent pacakage. No set up is required, in minutes you can be purchasing from your own on line store and earning commission. Tell your family, freinds, & work colleagues about your store & they can buy from it too.

If they like the site, they can sign up too & have their own on line store.
Now the good news, if they sign up, you can earn commission on their store too.

Better still, IT'S ABSOLUTELY FRE!

Interested, then please feel free to take a look at my store at

If you would like your own store, please click on the "Find Out More" button on the top right corner.

Offfer currently only open to UK (Expansion worldwide planned)

1 comment:

thedickfromabove said...

Do you really think it's ethical to print work abroad and ship it back to the UK? D'uh, think of the carbon footprint you Dickhead! What you doing is taking away work from local businesses, no wonder so many are going under. If people like you continue to do this, where are we all going to be in 10-20 years time. I think your ideas are ill advised, your promotions and web design look cheap and tacky, and as for being 'green', well, that's a complete joke! Anyway, thank you for making my mind up for me - hence, I WON'T be using your service (you can't even spell correctly).