Thursday, 16 April 2009

New On Line Photo & Video Hostng Site

I recently joined a new on line video & photo hosting site called Live From You.

You can now see what Talking Product Videos will look like on mobile phones. The gallery contains 2 albums, one for Internet videos, the other for mobile phone videos (in mp4 & 3gp format).

The gallery is at the following link: -

The gallery also includes alien landscape animations for mobile phones.

Spencer Print creates stunning videos & photos of alien landscapes. Orbit a complete planet, descend through the animated atmosphere of swirling clouds & mist, then soar or walk over canyons, moutains, & animated oceans. A gallery of photos is available at


Richard Bergeron said...

Interesting. I have this great alien landscape pic of a silhouette of a couple holding hands under a tree while two giant moons hang overhead.

Ritesh said...

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