Thursday, 30 July 2009

Justice for September 11 Ground Zero Workers

Please sign my petition "Jutice for September 11 Ground Zero Workers" at Their ill treatment is a disgrace!

They were rightly labelled as heroes by the Bush administration, but certainly not treated as such. Think of all the terrible chemicals they were exposed to. For instance,the hazardous chemicals inside the electrical components of the 50,000 computers (Twin Towers alone). They were reassured by the Environmental Protection Agency that the air was safe to breathe. Now, many rescue workers have respiratory issues, and who were previously in the peak of fitness, now struggle to get up a flight of stairs.We owe it to the Ground Zero Workers, to the victims of September 11, & all citizens of planet Earth to hold a public enquiry into these matters. The world needs to address all these issues with openness & honesty & out in the open.The issue is vital on so many fronts, even civil liberty .

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