Friday, 8 January 2010

Environmentally Friendly Printing

I actively promote "Environmentally Friendly Printing", & one of my main suppliers has invested heavily in a AniColour Press.

Benefits to the Environment of AniColour Press

1. The new Anicolour press will save over 1.5 million sheets of paper per year in
reduced set up sheets. Their competitors will use between 250 & 400 sheets of paper setting a job down to colour, whereas the Anicolour Press only uses 15 sheets.

2. Due to the 35% increased productivity of the machine they therefore use less electricity to print each job

3. 1.5 million sheets of paper equates to approximately 32 tonnes of paper. During the manufacture of paper, each ton will need over 1000 litres of water to produce it, and enough electricity to power a house for a week.

In addition, the heating in their factory utilises Inverta technology, which is the most cost effective way of heating a premise.

Lastly, due to the fantastic suite of machines they have, there will be 360 less trees that need to be cut down every year!

So, for a very competitive price on short to medium litho print runs, & huge benefits to the Environment, please call me on 01432 870528 for a quote, or email me at

Lastly, please feel free to browse & download at your leisure, my "Environmentally Friendly Printing" documents on my
Scrid directory.

You will find spec sheets on recycled papers, a carbon offset calculator, and other "Green Printing" related documents.

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