Thursday, 10 April 2008

Giclee Prints

Over the years I have had many artists as clients. These include Graham Wilde,David Brindley, Doug Eaton, Glyn Whiting, Rosie Flood, Valerie Mclean, & many more. All these artists had digital reproductions of their work, whether as prints or post cards.

Doug Eaton's "The Wye from Coldwell side"

NEW SERVICE - Giclee Prints

I am now able to offer artists a top class Giclee print service.

My associate operates a wide-format printing bureau, which enables Fine Art reproduction of artwork up to 42" wide by 90" long.

All prints are produced in-house with superb digitally enhanced quality surpassing conventional printing.

Using the very latest inkjet technology, prints have vibrant colours and faithful reproduction.

A complementary scanning service is available from most formats including 35mm and medium format transparencies or negatives or original artwork if appropriate, and can of course work directly with digital files if already available.

Specifcations of Giclee Prints

Every print is individually colour balanced to give the very best results and we offer a range of fine quality media to ensure that the finished Giclée Print matches as close as possible to the original artwork.

In order to assist with the promotion of your Prints and original Artwork, all customers will be invited to exhibit their works on my associate's Website Gallery, completely free of charge.

Each artist will be listed together with a narrative of their work, contact details, Galleries selling their work and digital images of work that have been processed.

Giclée prints are large format reproductions made from original art or photographs printed on a variety of media, watercolour paper, 100% cotton canvas, photographic paper, and other material.

This type of art reproduction is becoming the new standard in the art industry, and is widely embraced for its quality by major museums, galleries, artists, publishers, and photographers.

Giclée prints have captured the imaginations of many artists and photographers because of its exceptional quality, longevity, and flexibility of printing-on-demand. The result is breathtaking.

A Giclée print is quite simply the closest replication of an original Artwork that is currently possible. Giclée (jee-clay) is a French word meaning “to spray or to squirt ink” originated in the 17th century. This method of printing was developed in 1989 as a digital method of fine art printing. Sometimes referred to as an “Iris Print” (after the original machine that produced the print).

It is the latest ground-breaking technological advancement of Fine Art Printing with a resolution higher than the traditional 4-color offset or lithography printing, and a wider colour range than a serigraph. All limited Edition Giclée prints are supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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