Thursday, 10 April 2008

Spec Sheet 2 for Recycled Papers

As promised, another spec sheet for a popular recycled paper

100% Recycled Revive Gloss

Technical Capability
Printing Process : Litho
Screen Ruling : 150 plus
Printing Inks : Conventional, UV and IR are preferred
Varnishing : Machine & UV
Emulsion Sealing : Yes, 130g/m2 and above, below this & it may curl
Hot Foil Blocking: Yes
Film Laminating: Yes
Creasing: If folding material 150g/m² and above, or through a solid or dense tone, pre-creasing is advisable by using a creasing matrix.

Environmental Information
Fibre Source: 100% de-inked post consumer waste
Bleaching: Pulp used in this product is not bleached
Disposal: This material can be disposed of by recycling
Accreditation: Produced at a mill that is certified with ISO14001 environmental management standard
This product has been awarded the NAPM 100% Recycled Mark

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