Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Delivery Tips

Apologies, it's been ages since my last post. I would like to post more often but there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day lately. I am trying to launch two new projects with my colleague Karl Dixon. We are trying to produce comics for the major football clubs, & educational comics for schools to aid litereracy & reading skills. Our proposal is currently under review at Westminster by the Education Minister.

Anyhow, to the point of this new post. Whilst this applies to print, it will apply to any business. Please make sure you follow health & safety rules when you load any out going goods, or arrange to pick them up yourselves.

Below is a recent example of a client who picked up a load of flyers from one of my printer suppliers.

Another bad example showing a recyling firm who picked up some paper off cuts from a printer.

Lastly, God forbid if you have to use an animal to cellect anything, please treat it with care and also remember it's load bearing capacity.

This last picture shows a old Welsh Mining company collecting some redundancy leaflets.

A joint production brough to you by "Left it on the Road Delivery Company" & "Shattered Cartons Couriers"

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