Thursday, 19 February 2009

Jokes for Mobile Phones

Spencer Print is always keen to spread a little humour in these troeubled times.
Now you have a better version of the prankster phone call, the "Talking Products" video for mobile phones.

Now you can send visual animated jokes to your friends mobile phones. Imagine your friend greeted by a mad dog, a crazy cat, or a frisky frog. You can also also use these videos to promote your products on Youtube & other video hosting sites. Your products can talk to prospective clients. Examples could be a dog promoting pet food, a car promoting a show room, or a plant promoting a garden centre.

A few more samples can be seen on my video channel on MySpace at

You can have your own video for Internet, or mobile phone, for just £45.

All you need to provide is a photo or image of the character (preferably with a closed mouth), and a text or audio file (.wav file extension) of the speech to be used.

Slides & photos can be incorporated into the video, but at extra cost.


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