Friday, 18 September 2009

Experimental Paper Mill Update

Quite some time ago I posted an article about Bio Regional's Mini Mill, an experimental plant using straw to make paper.

The last update on their web site was posted in April 2009, which is as follows:-

Progress has been made in developing BRMM’s proprietary technology. During 2007-8 with the support of grant funding from the Technology Strategy Board (formerly DTI), BioRegional MiniMills has commissioned and operated a 10% scale plant to demonstrate the Company’s proprietary black liquor gasification technology at Ahlstrom’s Radcliffe Mill in Manchester.
Ahlstrom generate black liquor from their pulp mill and although this is currently safely disposed of, they are seeking a more cost effective and sustainable alternative, which is why they are hosting the plant on site.

In 2008, the technical team, led by Philip Hartwell, succeeded in demonstrating that the BRMM process can generate energy and recover chemicals from black liquor in line with theoretical models. The team is currently carrying out a seven month work programme to be completed in the Autumn of 2009. The objective is to overcome operational issues with the aim of running the black liquor process continuously for five days. This would prove the technology sufficiently to proceed to building the first full-scale plant. In January 2009 the Northwest Regional

Development Agency awarded the Company a grant for R&D to support this work.
In addition BRMM have been developing a new pulping process. A one third scale twin screw pulping unit was installed in Manchester to trial straw pulping. They are currently testing the BRMM proprietary pulping unit with wood chip in trials supported by Scottish Enterprise and
Forestry Commission Scotland.

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