Tuesday, 29 September 2009

New Environmental Initiative - Leapfrog Revolution

Leapfrog Revolution
We as a society and a species have been selfish for too long, and now we are beginning to reap the rewards. For too long we have plundered the planet with little thought of the consequences to planet Earth, and indigenous people. Religious, financial, & political institutuiions have failed us miserably in ethical issues. Politicians ignored the "Green" movement for ages, simply because, in the past, global warming was not a vote winner. The evidence of global warming is mounting and yet they still drag their heals over the issue, as USA still hasn't ratified the Kyoto Agreement.

It has become more and more evident to me that the only real people who can make a difference is you and me. Together, united, we can be a powerful voice that the politicians can't ignore!
We need to help reclaim the planet and save the lives of future generations, by bringing about radical change.

We need to call for a change in economic models, a change in environmental thinking, a change in our understanding of how we impact on one another and a shift in consciousness.
The change that's needed is not a simple progressive change that we see every day, rather it requires people and organisations to take a leap, a leap of faith to lead when the world is crying out for leadership. It requires us to leapfrog the ‘same old’ and make bold positive change for the long term sustainability of humankind, for the environment, for peace.
This involves bringing together poweful organisations that have traditionally competed with each other, for the greater good of humanity.

This initiative has been started by fellow Pledging for Change member Gary Scholz of http://www.high-ideals.com

The initiative is called "Leapfrog Revoloution" and Gary is looking for help

Through financial support
Through technical support
Through public relations support
Through creative and artistic support
Through any other support you are able to offer

To view Gary's brave initiative, you can browse and download his "Leapfog Revolution" document in PDF on my Scribd directory at http://scribd.com/doc/19763547

Alternatively, you can view it on line at Gary's new "Leapfrog Evolution" web site intiative at http://www.leapfrogrevolution.com/

If you would like to offer your support to the initiative, please email Gary at

Please take time to read the initiative in full as it is a very worthwhile venture.

Many thanks,

Mike Spencer
Pledging For Change
Together We Can Make A Difference

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