Sunday, 13 September 2009

Spencer Print Promoting Ethical Issues

Spencer Print & Talking Product Videos are proud to be part of the Pledging for Change network

Spencer Print actively promotes ethical issues such as the Environment, Animal Welfare, & spiritual matters. This is done mainly through the Talking Product Videos service on an ethical web site called Pledging for Change. Spencer Print's profile is at

You maybe interested in many of the issues I am promoting on Pledging for Change, particularly the videos I have uploaded. For instance:-

Stop Drilling the Actic

Other videos found at these links

Use Recycled Papers

Bio Degradable Laminate

Petition Against Horse Cruelty in American Horse Meat Trade

Petition Against Live Animal Skinning in Chinese Fur Trade

Pledging for Change is a great site for any ethical companies to promote their business.

Pledging for Change Share Programme

The Pledging for Change Share Programme, a great way for ethical companies to promote themselves on the web.

Pledging for Change is an ethical web site where like minded individuals & businesses promote & share ideas on global warming, anti animal cruelty & spiritual matters. I would like to invite ethical companies to join Pledging for Change's "Share Programme".

Share Program for Ethical Ads

We believe in the principle of sharing.
Give and YOU shall receive!

Pledging for Change is a Community Interest Company with a commitment to serving and helping all or our members so 100% of our profits is reinvested in grants and financial support for non-profits/charities and sustainable business

We have a "Share Program" available for sustainable business,charities and non-profits. As the owner of a sustainable business, through the Share Program you can advertise your business, generate additional income for your business, help other sustainable businesses and provide an income for charitable non-profit organizations. An income that may be substantially more than that organization could ever hope to raise through single donations.

It's BETTER than's beyond charity!

If you are a charitable organization, you can spend less of your time soliciting individuals to donate money. Instead, you can invite them to join the Share Program. With the Share Program, you can invite people to join for their own benefit as well as to help your organization. And then they invite people to join -- so they are helping you do the fundraising, which also benefits them! Everyone wins.

If you are interested in investing in our ethical directory and generating a referral income via our "Share Program", please visit our group and "give a helping hand to our charity and non-profit members".

If you wish to sign up, please go to the this link

For every 20 investors we will purchase and acre of threatened rainforest from "The World Land Trust" to protect endangered species

Many thanks & lets make the planet a better place for future generations.

Mike Spencer

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